Mike Talks Adina’s Many Bags & Modeling in His Underwear

Built 101, MikeIt was quite the endeavor to transform Adina’s 1,000-square-foot closet. I have about a 10 square-foot-closet and it’s difficult for me to manage that. But organization is my forté,…

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Floral Print Neckwear for Guys

From weddings to garden parties, summertime is loaded with opportunities to get all dressed up in the season’s most fetching floral prints. But ladies aren’t the only ones who can pull off this trend; neck and bow ties come in…

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Sandy Sounds Off on Controlling Clients

Built 103, SandyIt was very difficult having Damon as a client. He was scrutinizing everything we did because he worked in construction himself. He knows the right way and wrong way to do a project, and he also…

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Frida Forever

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Designers Have Got Your Back

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